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Teeth straightening can be subtle

Teeth straightening in Wembley does not have to stand out and should never leave you feeling more self-conscious. At Wembley Orthodontic & Aesthetics we believe that having braces is something to be proud of, as you know that at the end of your treatment your smile is going to be the straight and even one that you have wished for for so long. If you feel skeptical about having traditional braces because of their bold nature, then it is time for you to investigate the other alternative treatments that are available. There is more than one type of brace that can offer you subtlety, so it is important that you opt for the treatment that is right for you.

Do you want to have clear braces?

Working in exactly the same way as traditional braces, ceramic braces provide a distinctively more discreet option when it comes to teeth straightening in Wembley. They are attached to the teeth with completely clear brackets instead of metal ones, making them stand out when you smile much less. The wire that connects the brackets can even be tooth coloured or clear when you opt for this type of treatment, making them even less noticeable.

This is a completely fixed appliance that cannot be removed, just like traditional braces, so it is important to clean around the brackets thoroughly when you brush your teeth each day, to avoid any plaque build-up. How long you need to wear this appliance for varies from patient to patient, with treatment time averaging between eighteen and twenty-four months.

Do you want to be able to remove your braces?

Many people who have teeth straightening in Wembley want their appliances to be as convenient as possible. Invisalign treatment gives you this option, and your Invisalign aligners will be discreet as well. This type of appliance is completely removable, and is similar in appearance to a retainer. You need to wear your aligners for at least twenty-two hours of the day, but the fact that they are removable makes brushing and eating a lot easier, and you can take them out if you have an important meeting to hold at work or you need to play a musical instrument at school or college.

When you opt to receive this treatment you will be given several sets of custom-made aligners by your dental practitioner. Each set is slightly different and will move your teeth gradually into their new straightened positions. You will need to move onto your next set of aligners after wearing your first ones for around two weeks, but this is something that your dental professional can advise you on. How many sets of aligners you need in total to transform your smile will depend on how much your teeth need to move and how severe your individual circumstances are.


After wearing any type of braces you will be required to wear a retainer. This will keep your teeth in their new positions and prevent them from returning to their crooked ones. Some people only need to wear a retainer for as little as six months after their treatment has finished, but others can end up needing to wear their retainer at night for several years. In rare cases a retainer can be required at night for the rest of your life.